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In the summer of 2001, the University of Minnesota Physics Department started a new scientific project in the Soudan Mine in Northern Minnesota in Soudan, MN, near Ely. My husband, Joseph, was commissioned to paint a mural on a 60 ft. wide by 25 ft. high wall. The actual project was contained in a huge room in the mine (about 1/2 mile underground) which is as big as a football field and has two levels - the second level has a catwalk that overlooks the mural. Starting in the Summer of 2002, the Soudan State Park Underground Mine tour now includes a stop at the MINOS detector. Tourists get a chance to view the mural up close, a display about neutrino physics and they get a feel for the enormous MINOS detector modules. For more detail go to www.physics.umn.edu/outreach. The following are a few pictures of the mural progress.


This is the location of the location of the scientific project in its earliest stage - empty and cavernous.


This is the same location as image above - a work in progress.

Joseph's original mock-up design of his soon-to-be mural.

Joseph's underground mine work area.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Almost Finished

Finished mural - go see it!

Moose visiting her artist husband, Joseph, at the Soudan Mine during special tour day.

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